4 Januari 2012

Aneh, Bocah Ini Punya Saudara Kembar Menempel di Perutnya

Eight year old Deepak Kumar Paswaan from India will finally have a normal childhood after his “parasitic twin” has been surgically removed. The boy who became known around the world by the nickname “oktopus-boy” is born with partially developed legs and arms of his undeveloped twin growing from his chest. The boy was stigmatized for eight years; by some he was perceived as an incarnation of God, while others thought of him as the devil in the human body. In order to allow the boy to have a normal life, four-hour operation of removing his undeveloped twin was performed in a hospital Fortis, the Indian city of Bangalore in June this year and boy is recovering successfully and begins to live a normal life.
The boy first appeared in the media in February when the shares started collecting money for an operation that would remove the extra limbs of a boy. “I’m tired of it to be different from other kids, I just want to live normally,” said Deepak after surgery.


6 komentar:

  1. Salut buat para Dokter yang bersedia menolong anak itu dengan operasi gratis,...mudah2an Indonesia bisa seperti iu...

  2. jijik ah kelihatan bokongnya

  3. mesti liat di jurnal kedokteran ! dijamin lebih detil......

  4. liat gambar pertama,gua pikir apa tuh yang nongol!!
    akhikhikhikhi.. :D


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