25 Januari 2012

Aneh! Salju Turun di Gurun Pasir Sahara (Video)

It is a phenomenon that rarely has the chance to see the world’s most famous desert. Snow in the Algerian province Besar fell in the mid-week, and are affected by it and some parts of Morocco.

Reports speak of the almost surreal scenes, such as palm trees bending under a blizzard and large sand dunes that look like alpine ski resorts.
African media to explain storms in the Sahara will result in several positive consequences. In addition to children’s joy and plague of parasites result in trees, and restoring the groundwater on which depends the survival of the desert oasis.

Snow fell on Tuesday in the western Sahara in Algeria .24 hours cold it brought snow and rain in the region. A strong wind blew snow across roads and facilities in the province of Bechar. Meteorologists predicted good weather to return on Wednesday. People living in the region said that the snow was good for palms, for killing parasites. Bechar is located in the northern Sahara, about 36 miles south of the Moroccan border.

4 komentar:

  1. mantab tuh, bisa main ski di gurun bersalju.. wkwk

  2. seperti kata Anggun,..Snow on the Sahara...

  3. cuman bisa BILANG...MENGERIKAN.....UDA tanda2.....

  4. widih ngeri banget nih, sungguh maha besar kuasanya.


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