24 Januari 2012

15 Profil Facebook Timeline Paling Keren

Holiday profile.

E.T. on Facebook. (Link)


Italian engineer Paolo Bruno decided to innovate and create his resume as a Facebook timeline profile. (Link)

Israel's Anti-Drugs Authority, along with agency McCann Israel, makes creative use of Facebook's Timeline design, which splits your profile content evenly down the middle. A profile for "Adam Barak" compares pictures of the fictional character over the course of a year -- on one side, he is on drugs, on the other, he isn't. The pictures themselves are of a real copywriter at McCann, Daniel Barak. (Link)

Who doesn't love Mario? (Link)


She belongs to the 0,5% who prefer Google +.




3 komentar:

  1. maNeee....
    GambaR nya?????????????

  2. wah nih blog kopas doang, udeh gitu ngembat hotlink gambar pula. dasar maliang!

    1. jangan sok lo' goblok, emang lu doang paling hebat,
      copas tapi mencatumkan link sumber, dan banyak bener manfaatnya..
      dan daripada lu.. cuma bisa coment doang,,


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