4 Januari 2012

Inilah Uang Terbesar di Dunia

These limestone discs with a hole in the center, with weight of four tons is the largest in size in the world. They are ‘traded’ on the island of Yap, a part of Micronesia.

Despite being replaced by a standard paper money and monetary values, the population of the island is still dealing with them for some specific transactions. The extraction of stones was the island of Palau and New Guinea, and from there were transported to the island of Yap by canoe or raft.
Their value is determined not only by size but by the very kind, shape, and by its history, and how many people have lost their lives during transport of a stone to the island or whether the stone itself was transported to the island by a famous sailor. How is traded with them? Stones do not move, while their trading title passes.

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