16 Agustus 2011

24 Foto Menakjubkan Bumi Dari Google Earth

This community lies near the intersection of seven rivers - Nga Bay, in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam (© Google, DigitalGlobe)

You might have seen the Legendary Photo Project "Earth from the air", in which we showed you 98 stunning Ariel photography of earth, but this time we’ve brought pics of earth captured beyond air. These pics have been captured for the Google Earth project, showing the mega changes on the face of earth due to humans’ impact over land. Have a look on 24 stunning landscapes.

Circular fields near a lake, watered with center-pivot irrigation. Image is 9km - Farmland near Moses Lake, Washington (5.5 mi) wide. (© Google, DigitalGlobe, USGS)

A steep drop, these switchbacks plummet from 3,000m (10,000ft) to 2286m (7,500ft) within this 3.2km (2mi) wide image - Lowari Pass in Pakistan (© Google, DigitalGlobe)

Lake water pours through this international scene - The St. Clair River empties Lake Huron on the U.S.-Canada border (© Google, GeoEye)

A growing community near a well-off city - A Saudi neighborhood, about 16km southwest of Riyadh (© Google, GeoEye)

A living mass of treetops. This scene is 3.5km (2.1mi) wide - Central Congolian lowland forest, just a small piece (© Google, GeoEye)

A clustered neighborhood in a country that lists English as one of its official languages - A pakistani neighborhood, northwest of Karachi (© Google, GeoEye)

A scene covering some 3.8km (2.3mi), shows part of community of fewer than 200 people - Inishmaan, one of the Aran Islands (© Google, DigitalGlobe)

Saltwater ponds cut their way through this southerly farmland. Image is 2.5km (1.5 mi) across - Lake Malata-Lake Greenly Complex in South Australia (© Google, Whereis Sensis)

Ravaged by warfare nearly 20 years ago, this town remains abandoned to this day - Agdam, Azerbaijan (aka Akna) (© Google, DigitalGlobe, Geocentre Consulting)

An aquatic scene measuring some 1.5km (2mi) across - Fish farms near Xiamen, China (© Google, TerraMetrics, Mapabc.com, Kingway Ltd., GeoEye)

An aquatic scene measuring some 1.5km (2mi) across - A neighborhood next to Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico (© Google, TerraMetrics, Mapabc.com, Kingway Ltd., GeoEye)

Humans have been leaving their mark on the Earth for centuries - Sagalassos, an archaeological site in southwestern Turkey (© Google, GeoEye, Basarsoft)

A lonely vessel - Sagalassos, - Grounded shipwreck on the Western Sahara coastline (© Google, DigitalGlobe)

A contrast of wet and dry near the Atlantic Ocean. This image is 2km (1.2mi) wide - Dunes of the Lencois Maranhenses National Park in Brazil (© Google, DigitalGlobe)

Population density - Neighborhood of King's Point, west of Delray Beach, Florida (© Google)

Remote, high, and salty, lake and mountain meet - ake Ayakum, Tibet (© Google, Cnes Spot Image)

Small fields near a town of about 8,300 people - Fields outside of Magherafelt, Northern Ireland (© Google, DigitalGlobe)

A lake, a sea, a spit, a roadway - A roadway crossing Syvash Lake, part of Sea of Azov, Ukraine (© Google, Transnavicom, Ltd, GeoEye)

Desert and agriculture meet south of Mary - The village of Kommunizm, south of Mary, Turkmenistan (© Google, DigitalGlobe)

You have to go east to go west - Southern end of Lake Gatun, Panama Canal (© Google, GeoEye)

Tending these fields must be seriously hard. Scene is 1km (.6mi) across - Terraced hillsides in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Southern China. (© Google, DigitalGlobe)

The oldest and northernmost town in the region, near a winding river - The King River and Wyndham, Western Australia (© Google, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye)

A crater basin below sea level - Pedra de Lume crater on the island of Sal, in Cape Verde (© Google, GeoEye)

Farming around the eroded edges of a northern river - Red Deer River, in the badlands of central Alberta, Canada (© Google, Cnes DigitalGlobe, Spot Image)

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