23 November 2011

iPad 'Selamat' Meski Jatuh Dari Ketinggian 1300 Kaki (video)

The chances of you accidentally dropping your iPad, should you own one, from 1,300ft is very unlikely but that hasn’t stopped G-Form from doing this, highlighting the effectiveness of their protective cases for tablets.
After skydiving and dropping two iPads onto the ground before landing, the skydivers in question recovered the iPads and were found to be functioning just as well as they did before the drop happened.
While they seem quite bulky, and you would need to be extremely clumsy to get any major use out of it, if you’re the kind of person who frets about bumps and scratches and don’t mind its look, then you would be interested to hear that the Extreme Edge and the Extreme Portfolio cases for the iPad areon sale for $45 and $90 respectively.
G-form originally developed equipment to protect athletes like skateboarders from impacts, but have expanded their services to protect tablet computers. In case you’re unconvinced of its durability, they’ve conducted another test which had them throwing the iPad out of a speeding car.

2 komentar:

  1. tergantung cara dan tempat jatuhnya juga sih kalo jatoh di bebatuan di jamin ancur

  2. gak valid nih....setuju ts diatas ane !


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