8 Februari 2012

Video Malaikat Jatuh dari Langit Kota London

What happens when experiential marketing (street marketing in other words) and Augmented Reality (geek technology) collide?  Supermodels in the form of Angels fall from the sky.
This marketing stunt allowed people walking in Victoria station hall in London, to interact directly with the Lynx Angels through a Digital Video Billboard. This is the first time an Augmented Reality campaign has run on large format digital billboards in the UK.
As passersby’s walk onto the Lynx “Markers” the Excite Angels literally fall to earth in the digital billboard, and then interact with whoever is standing on the marker, doing whatever they felt like.
This experiential is part of a new social campaign that has just launched, the “Lynx Excite Fallen Angel” which challenges users to head to Facebook to see if they are the one person on earth that can release an archangel (Kelly Brook). The campaign was created by Mindshare Invention (follow on Twitter) and produced byGrand Visual (follow on Twitter).
The viral film has achieved over 800,000 views on youtube and the campaign PR’d around the world, including this piece on Wired. This campaign is the latest in a long list of successful campaigns from Lynx. All of their campaigns have been innovative, without losing sight of the brand’s creative idea. Well done, yet again Lynx.
I think one guy actually tried to punch one of the Angels. Obviously his Guardian Angel has been slacking.

6 komentar:

  1. keren & kreatif...

  2. Rebonding Jembhoet8 Februari 2012 15.50

    ini iklan yg diprotes itu ya... karena dianggap s a r a

  3. oooooooooh aku pikir malaikat nya tuhan (jibril)

  4. iklan ini diproters bukan karena sara, tapi terkait konspirasi illuminati


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