9 Oktober 2011

Foto Rahasia NASA Atas Bulan dan Mars 'Bocor' Setelah 30 Tahun

The following footage has been kept in a close relative's private safe for the past 30 years. It was procured from a worker within the Nasa program during the early 70's and has been stored away until now.

The photos and footage contain over 100 un-edited and UNSEEN photos from the moon and Mars, including un-aired video footage from Nasa missions.

I cannot publish this footage due to it's sensitive nature, however if you would like a downloadable file please e-mail me at secureteam10@gmail.com - $30 for access to the most revealing moon footage never seen..

NASA has not published any of this footage to date. Anywhere.

The proceeds will be reinvested into the UFO community through a new website being created in order to help others who may have sensitive information, with the goal of helping them get said material out to the masses without the worry of government censorship.


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  1. wah..

    admin males banget nih kayaknya untuk translate...

    pertamax dulu ah...

  2. nyesel ane ga bs bhs inggris...

  3. buffer, Gan !

    bau2 konspirasi lagi ???

    pertamax gagal diamankan.

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  5. dark of the moon ne gan.. terinspirasi dari tf.3.kwkwk


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