28 Mei 2011

Orang Tua Ini Dikelilingi Gadis Cantik Karena Dipukul Satpol PP

[Image: chengdu-beauties-challenge-chengguan-def...60x373.jpg]
Orang tua berbaju biru yg yg di pukuli petugas The chengguan law enforcement membuat gadis di sekitarnya simpatik dan spontan melindungi orang tua itu dari pukulan petugas

[Image: chengdu-beauties-challenge-chengguan-def...60x373.jpg]

[Image: chengdu-beauties-challenge-chengguan-def...60x373.jpg]

Chengdu beauties block chengguan who had beaten people

May 14th, at Yanshikou in Chengdu, several chengguan beat an old man selling bayberries. Immediately afterward, the chengguan were surrounded and condemned by crowds. Several pretty girls together blocked the front of the law enforcement vehicle.

Some pretty girls in Chengdu stand up to the local chengguan (city management officials) who had beaten an old man selling bayberries.

May 15th morning, netizen “我是你牛牛姐” posted a microblog message saying that chengguan beat an old man selling bayberries at Yanshikou in Chengdu on the 14th and afterward were surrounded by crowds of condemning onlookers. The photograph included in this microblog message showed an old man in blue with a pole standing in front of a law enforcement vehicle, and beside the old man were many females also standing with him blocking the law enforcement vehicle, with many onlookers also in the distance. Photo is of the scene of the incident.

Large crowds gather after Chengdu chengguan beat up an old man hawking bayberries.

A netizen on the night of the 14th posted online describing how the incident unfolded: “In the afternoon around 6:00, chengguan gave a beating to an old man selling bayberries. The old man was about 70-years-old, carrying a pole on his shoulders selling bayberries. The chengguan broke the old man’s scale, then crushed the bayberries under their feet, then pulled the old man down onto the ground and beat him. The young people who passed by could not bear it and surrounded them, shouting at the chengguan to apologize. When the chengguan arrogantly said they’d compensate 100 kuai, everyone became furious.” Photo is of the scene of the incident.


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