23 Mei 2011

'In Your Fridge' Isi Kulkas Dari Seluruh Dunia

Refrigerator Contents Around The World

What does your refrigerator content say about you and your culture? Is there any type of food that is dominating or do you fill your refrigerator up with random groceries?

These questions were something that caught photographer Stephanie de Rouge's mind when she started her project called “In Your Fridge”. She basically traveled mainly around New York and Paris to photograph people’s refrigerator content. Most people welcomed her in and had no problems with her exploring their refrigerators, but some denied her, which made her wonder if they felt that their food were a part of their privacy. If you think about it that has to be it, because after all we do shop after our personal taste. Some people even feel uncomfortable when putting their groceries on the register belt before paying.

She plans to keep on going with her project and visit more cities around the world, so don’t be surprised if she knocks on your door to photograph your groceries. Another photographer has also traveled around the world to capture photos of children's sleeping place


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